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Meet my hero for a day … Charlie Brooker

30 Aug

Time sure flies when you are (not) having fun moving and packing up your life.  I’ve been aware in the background about the on-going debate regarding the infamous “Ground Zero Mosque”, but wasn’t really paying attention, since a) it’s a reno of an existing facility, b) isn’t a mosque and c) isn’t at Ground Zero.  Seemed pretty simple, so I really haven’t done a whole lot of reading or thinking about it.  Until today.

Paging through my Huffington Post highlights for the day, I came across this link to an article by one Charlie Brooker, a journalist with The Guardian in the UK, who originally posted it online about a week ago. Mr. Brooker makes some interesting points, but I think his best work goes to the heart of the matter – the fact that the US media is feeding this non-drama, and that the average American (and lots of others besides) seems to be content to take sound-bites as facts.

I mean, seriously.  Are we so busy doing insanely important other things that we are content to let the media, owned by a small and ever-shrinking group of folks with specific agendas of their own, do our thinking for us?  And if that’s the case and we’ve given up thinking about what’s going on in our newsrooms, what are we doing exactly? Figuring out climate change, curing AIDS, stopping wars? We better be pretty darn busy.

One can only hope that this issue dies the quick death it deserves.  Although maybe we won’t notice, busy as we are with all that other stuff.