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The spin on the spill

9 Jun

This is one of those classic yelling-at-the-TV moments. In the middle of watching AC360 on CNN, calm music of a commercial invades, and there is Tony Hayward of BP doing his “we will make this right” speech. Have you seen this thing??!!!

First off, the teleprompter-induced squint has got to go – way to look like you couldn’t speak from the heart on one of the most heart-wrenching events in US history. And secondly, thanks for “taking full responsibility for the clean-up” as the crap-o-mercial goes on to say, really, that’s very generous of you.  What about taking responsibility for the events leading up to the spill in the first place??!!!

What absolutely blows my mind is the continuing idea, in the face of thousands of blog posts, hours of television and radio coverage, pounds and pounds of print news, that they can somehow “spin” this issue!!  From an upwardly spiralling flow rate from the well that is now being challenged by the Flow Rate Technical Group, to the continuing denial of sub-sea oil plumes, these guys are trying to tweak our perspective on this whole sad and sorry mess.  And clearly, this is in their best interest, as ProPublica.org reported this week.

So here is my call to the blogosphere, the new and old media, and every single person who knows someone else, sat next to someone on the bus, or stood behind a guy at the coffee shop.  Do NOT stop talking about, writing about, debating about and researching this issue.  Never, ever give up.  The collective voice needs to drown out the spin, no doubt about it.

Just like Mr. Hayward, we need to say it out loud. Minus the squint, if possible.